Importance of Safe Driving

What does it mean to be a safe driver? Over the last 20 years of business, we have encountered a wide range of disasters involving vehicles on the road. All of these accidents could have been avoided by taking a few simple steps. The most common mistakes are caused by hiring inexperienced drivers who were […]

Now renting the 1600w Joleko “Bug-A-Beam” Adapter by K5600

1600w Joleko “Bug-A-Beam”- More Output While Using Less Power The 1600w  Joleko adapter, its official name being the “Bug-A-Beam”, is the newest Joker-Leko adapters offered by K5600. This unit was designed from the ground up to accommodate the full range of ETC Leko lens tubes (5° thru 90°).  With a 4 to 1 efficiency ratio […]