Now renting the 1600w Joleko “Bug-A-Beam” Adapter by K5600

bugabeam 1600w Joleko
Geronimo now carries the 1600w Joleko adapter.

1600w Joleko “Bug-A-Beam”- More Output While Using Less Power

The 1600w  Joleko adapter, its official name being the “Bug-A-Beam”, is the newest Joker-Leko adapters offered by K5600. This unit was designed from the ground up to accommodate the full range of ETC Leko lens tubes (5° thru 90°).  With a 4 to 1 efficiency ratio of HMI (versus that of Tungsten incandescent) using a 1600w Joleko creates the equivalent of a 6000w tungsten fixture, while pulling under 16 amps!


Smart Design

1600w joleko adaptor
The 1600w Joleko adapter allows to the easy conversion of a Joker HMI to a Leko.

The Joker 1600w Joleko adapter design offers many possibilities, one of which is pairing it with an ETC Source-4. K5600 has, over the years, introduced the Bugabeam Adapter for both the 400 and 800 Jokers. After many requests from users, they created the Bug-A-Beam Adapter for the 1600 Joker.

The Bug-A-Beam adapter makes the mating of a Source-4 and our Bug-Light 1600 quick and easy. The 1600 lamp offers many advantages in this particular application allowing patterns to be visible in higher ambient light levels, longer distances as well as through the deepest color gels.



One More Tool for the Gaffer’s Kit

The 1600w Joleko adapter adds one more tool to the Joker-Bug system providing a controllable high intensity beam projector.

Adapter Weight: 11 lbs
Total Weight (with Source 4 and Joker 1600): 29 lbs