Five Ways We Have Modernized Grip Packages

Geronimo Creek - Modern Grip Package for Los Angeles
A Geronimo Creek grip truck

At Geronimo Creek, we are always thinking of ways we can provide our loyal clients with the best products available. That’s why we are proud to share five ways we’ve modernized grip packages so that you and your team can work more efficiently! Checkout our GRIP TRUCK COMPARISION page for more info on our preloaded grip trucks and vans!

Aluminum pipe is a game-changer

The old-school grip truck typically carried enough lumber to build a deck on a house. But over the years, lumber in a grip package has been used less and less. Most grips will tell you they prefer to build structures out of aluminum pipe and fittings for clean and easy assembly and superior strength. In response, we redesigned our grip truck packages with smaller lumber racks to minimize their footprint, then added a custom pipe storage rack under the truck’s body. 

Geronimo Creek now carries an assortment of sized speedrail in our grip package trucks.
Geronimo Creek now carries an assortment of sized speed rail in our grip package trucks.

All of our grip trucks (3 tons, 4 tons and 5 tons) include a pre-loaded assortment of 1.25” aluminum pipe in various lengths. 

The Shift to Ultrabounce®

Geronimo Creek has exchanged Grifflon for Ultrabounce® (a product manufactured by The Rag Place) in all of our preloaded butterfly sets. 

Geronimo Creek has exchanged grifflon for Ultra-bounce® in our modern grip package.
Geronimo Creek has upgraded to Ultrabounce® for our modern grip package.

Ultrabounce® is not only softer, lighter and easier to work with on a film set. Grifflon is very tough, but heavy and more suited for harsh conditions with rain or heavy winds. The bounce quality is harder and more reflective. More information about our overhead rags can be found HERE.

Time is money — that’s why we use carts

The days of having everything on shelves are over. Anyone who has transferred the contents of a grip package into a stage knows that a truck with carts takes 15 minutes to empty. Meanwhile, the same package without a good cart system can take half a day. By the requests of our customers, the majority of our grip packages are built to roll on studio carts, giving key grips the convenience of having their grip equipment on set where they need it most — not stuck in the truck!

Clamps that Actually Work

Any seasoned grip will tell you to ditch the Mafer clamps!  They are flimsy, they break and are notoriously dangerous. In response to feedback from our loyal customers, we have replaced the traditional Mafer clamp with Big Bite Baby clamps, a die-cast aluminum clamp capable of clamping diameters from 0.375″ up to 2.5″.  We also carry a wide selection of rigging manufactured by Modern Studio Equipment.

Geroniom Creek Big Bite Baby clamp is now part of our grip package.
Geronimo Creek has replaced the traditional Mafer clamp with Big Bite Baby clamps

Modern Studio Equipment did an excellent job designing this clamp, which is now included with every standard grip package! Check out our other grip hardware HERE.

Once you try our 1-Ton Grip Package, you’ll never go back

Small grip packages have become more in-demand due to the growing number of new media and viral projects. In response, we have designed a 1-Ton Van Package, and a 2 ton Sprinter Van package. Check out our other blog posts for more information and pictures on our grip van packages. These packages are perfect fit for interviews, industrial shoots and small-scale advertising shoots where the footprint needs to be small.  If you need a larger grip truck, check out our Grip Truck Comparison page. 

1 ton grip package by Geronimo Creek, Inc
Our 1-Ton Grip Van truly does it all! 

Please see our other blog entries for more information about our special 1-Ton and 2 Ton Grip Van Packages.

We will always be listening to our customers and striving to improve our products and services. We look forward to your feedback and appreciate the support!