2 Ton Grip Truck Package

Big Things Do Come In a Small Package


The concept behind our 2 Ton Grip Van was to take the equipment needs of a small to mid-size production and adapt it to a sleeker, more efficient, more mobile form factor. The result is the perfect fit for any grip & electric team working on commercial productions, industrial productions and music videos across Los Angeles.


Our 2 Ton Grip Truck rents for $350 a day on a 3 day week. If you have a week-long commercial shoot, or a short film that needs extra time, you can rent our 2 ton truck for $1,050 and use it for a week. 

There’s even more value hidden in that bottom line. Not only do you get the truck, not only do you get the fully-stocked grip package, but you get plenty of room for additional grip, electric or production supplies, thanks to our extremely efficient, custom designed van interior.


Let’s face it, every single order is different. Instead of conforming to one order, we hand crafted a “one-size-fits-all” design. By incorporating Schedule 40 aluminum pipe and wood shelving, you can efficiently store not only your standard grip package, but also any addtional a la carte grip and electric items.

Speaking of standard grip package, our 2 Ton Grip trucks come stocked with just about everything from our 3 Ton Grip Truck. You’ll get a full set of C-stands, plenty of sandbags, full set of apple boxes, and a complete set of grip hardware (cardellinis, baby nail-on plates, chain-vice grips, etc.).

Each 2 Ton Grip Truck also comes standard with a fully stocked 4×4 frame cart and mini-shotbag cart that can hold over a dozen bags. We also have a mini-distro cart and mini-head cart available for rental. Each of these carts is made with the form factor of this vehicle in mind. They are compact enough to move easily in and out of the truck, but also carry plenty of gear.

If you want a head cart stocked with tungsten heads for an interior shoot, that’s no problem! Maybe you have a beach shoot and all you need is a pair of 18ks, a couple roadrunners, cable and a distro box – easy! Sometimes we have customers who just need the vehicle, no standard grip package, and want to outfit the truck with an a la carte electric package. Let us know what works for you!


The design of the interior creates a small footprint. The result is you have plenty of room for carts. Oftentimes, gaffers will bring on their own personal carts, in addition to their fully-stocked headcarts!

2 Ton Sprinter Grip van
Platform Lift Gate on our 2 Ton Sprinter Grip Van

We’ve seen gear loads that include SkyPanel S360’s (large rolling case), multiple 7000w putt-putt generators, and multiple cable carts stuffed with banded. The point is, these vans are much more than meets the eye. They can fit down narrow alleys. They take up barely any room in a parking lot or loading bay.

Our 2 Ton Grip vans include many other “quality of life” conveniences. The high roof interiors providing plenty of headroom for crew working inside the vehicle. All of our sprinter vans also have large platform lift gates with 1,100lb lifting capacity, backup cameras, forward-facing dash cameras and custom LED lighting in the cargo area. 

At Geronimo Creek, our goal is to provide the best quality film lighting equipment in the most convenient, affordable packages. Our 2 Ton Sprinter provides the perfect solution to your production needs.


Feel free to reach out to us via email: info@geronimocreek.com or phone: (818) 296-9401.

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