LiteGear’s Auroris LED Heads

LiteGear’s new Auroris LED!

aurois X kit
Cases and weighted tarp included.

This large format full-color overhead light source combines high-quality color rendition and precise DMX control. 

The Auroris X head weighs approximately 123 pounds and has 24x Litemat 1-sized panels. The Auroris V head weighs exactly 50% less at 64 pounds and uses 12x panels.

We also have the full truss kit and diffusions sets for both sizes. The truss kit and diffusion set assembles in a few minutes and can offer a quick solution to building a custom overhead rig. 

The Aororis X is most commonly used in larger overhead rigs. Below is a set photo from a car commercial in 2022. On this job, we pixel mapped the entire array to simulate movement as shown in this Lexus commercial

8x Auroris X units in a 24ft x 45ft overhead array for a commercial. Light box was animated via 192 pixels.

In this rig, we diffused the Aororis LEDs twice. First with Light grid, then with seamless bleached muslin.  At a distance of 15ft (from the muslin), we were still able to get a healthy F11 (24fps/800), leaving us extra exposure for probe lenses or high speed.  

Large overhead car rig.

This horsepower could only be rivaled by an array or ARRI SkyPanels or Creamsource Vortexes, which would weigh much more, cost more and required more time to rig.   

The beauty of Auroris is its flexibility to be utilized and rigged in many different ways. Geronimo Creek carries many different accessories to accommodate a wide rage of setups and light boxes.

Reach out to our rental desk if you would like to learn more!