Our Fleet

We have been building Grip and Electric Trucks and Vans since 2002 and are proud to say, Geronimo Creek offers some of the best studio vehicles in the business.

Your truck is a critical part of your quality of life on set. Any vendor can buy equipment. But it takes years of experience, dedication and investment to build a professional-grade studio fleet. As a gaffer-owned company, we know how our gear performs both at the shop and on location.

Starting with our van fleet, we carry a range of sizes including the Dodge ProMaster City, Chevy 1 Ton and Sprinter dually 2 Ton vans. 

All vans are sleeved and insulated in the cargo area to keep your crew and equipment cool in the summer.

All sprinters include a Palfinger cantilever platform lift gate. The 1 Ton and 2 Ton van packages have been carefully designed our own custom racks and shelving to accommodate studio carts.  

5 tons
Some of our 4 Ton and 5 Ton Grip and Electric Trucks

Our 3 ton, 4 ton and 5 ton trucks come standard with hitches, custom jockey boxes and skirting, and a custom pipe storage rack under the truck’s body.

Our studio vehicles have worked in the desert heat and sub-zero conditions. Some trucks feature 4-wheel drive for tough off-road locations, while others have insulated cargo boxes for those hot desert shoots. 

We’ve equipped all of our trucks with auxiliary battery banks and solar panel chargers, to keep the lift gate running smoothly all day. 

Most of our vehicles have additional safety features like GPS tracking, backup cameras and updated stereos featuring CarPlay and Android Auto for hand-free driving. 

We also carry a selection of support vehicles such as stake beds, a 4×4 fueler and run vans. 

1 Ton Grip Vans used to clear underground parking structure
1 Ton Grip Vans in an underground parking structure

We are always updating our fleet, so let us know what your needs are and we’ll fit you the best truck or van possible. 

All vehicles include GPS tracking with real-time AI monitoring and a forward-facing dash camera. If your vehicle makes a hard turn or an abrupt stop, the action is recorded and the driver is alerted inside the cab to drive more carefully. GPS tracking has helped encourage safer drivers and has also discourage theft. We can also share live tracking with our clients during the rental period upon request!

Ask us about 24-hour deliveries, anywhere and anytime in the greater Southwestern United States!

We will always be listening to our customers and striving to improve our products and services. We look forward to your feedback and appreciate the support!