2-Ton Grip Sprinter Van Package

2 Ton Sprinter Grip Van
2 Ton Sprinter Grip Van Lineup

The concept behind our Sprinter Grip Van was to adapt our popular 3 Ton Package to a lighter and more nimble footprint to work with the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 vans (289″ L x 80″ W x 111″ H).  We chose the Sprinter for our 2 Ton Grip Package thanks to their exceptional handling, reliability and payload (3,794 lbs payload / 9,990 lbs GVWR). We then carefully designed and fabricated our racks and shelving to provide plenty of room for carts and additional gear. 

Sprinter Grip Van
Fully loaded grip package with plenty of room for additional gear.

Our 2 Ton Grip inventory is a modernized, lightweight version of our 3 Ton Grip Package which includes a full set of C-stands, plenty of shot bags, a full set of apple boxes, and a complete set of grip hardware (cardellinis, baby nail-on plates, chain-vice grips, etc.).  

The 2 Ton Grip Van also includes a fully stocked flag cart and shot bag cart so your team can unload the van package within minutes. We also carry custom mini-distro carts and mini-head carts to accompany additional equipment. Each of these carts is made with the form factor of this vehicle in mind. They are compact enough to move easily in and out of the van while carrying plenty of gear.

2 Ton Sprinter Grip van
Platform Lift Gate on our 2 Ton Sprinter Grip Van

The aisle of our sprinter design provides ample room for larger items such as SkyPanel S360’s (large rolling case), multiple 7000w putt-putt generators, and cable carts fully loaded. Our 2 Ton Grip vans include many other “quality of life” conveniences. The high roof interiors providing plenty of headroom for crew working inside the vehicle. All of our sprinter vans also have large platform lift gates with 1,100lb lifting capacity, backup cameras, GPS tracking, forward-facing dash cameras and custom LED lighting in the cargo area.

At Geronimo Creek, our goal is to provide the best quality grip and lighting equipment possible. Our 2 Ton Sprinter Van provides the perfect solution for a professional grip package, while keeping a small footprint. Check out our Grip Truck Comparison page for more info about our preloaded grip trucks!

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