Dana Dolly Track (3ft, 6ft or 9ft)

Dana Dolly managed to fit 9ft of smooth, aluminum track in a 3ft case! 

When renting your dana dolly, be sure to inquire about the Dana Dolly Track Kit. We recently purchased this kit after being frustrated with the bumps in standard 1 ¼” aluminum pipe. 

The Dana Dolly Track Kit is made from triangulated extruded aluminum, which assembles in 3ft sections (9ft total). The joints are designed using sleeves, which tighten inside of the track, when tensioning a bold on the bottom of each rail.

The kit is packaged in a rolling Pelican case, which travels well on the plane, or in smaller vehicles.

The Dana Dolly Track Kit is a portable track kit for operators that wish to travel with their own dolly track. The triangular track is designed for use with the Dana Dolly, but should be compatible with most similar style dollies that use skateboard wheels set at 45°, and supports up to 100 pounds of camera, accessories and dolly. The kit includes six 3′ track sections, nine track splicers, four end adapters, and necessary hardware to assemble 9′ of track. Please note the kit only includes the triangular track and hardware, it does not include a Dana Dolly, Track Ends, or Center Support which must be purchased separately.

The triangular track is made from extruded 6061 Aluminum that is Type 3 Anodized black. The ends of the track are cut at an angle to minimize dolly bumps at track joins. The tracks are female on both ends, and are joined by the included extruded aluminum splicers that fit inside the track. The End Adapters attach to track splicers on the end, and allow you to use the Track Ends that came with your Dana Dolly, or are available separately, so you can mount the track on available stands, not included. The track sections, and hardware fit into an SKB case with custom cut foam.

  • The kit comes with enough track sections to assemble 9′ of seamless dolly track. However, you can purchase additional kits to extend your track beyond 9′.
  • When assembling the track, Dana Dolly recommends that you mirror the angled seams to minimize bumps from track joins that are common with track that has track ends with straight seams. Mirroring the seams mean that you assemble the sections of track into your track rails. Then flip one of the assembled rails so that the angled seams are in different direction.
  • The track rails are made from extruded 6061 aluminum that is treated with Type 3 black anodizing, which is a mil spec anodizing that is thicker, and more wear/corrosion resistant than common anodizing.
  • Fully assembling the track requires eight track splicers, an extra splicer is included as a spare.
  • The End Adapters allow you to attach the track to available Dana Dolly Original and Universal Track Ends, which are not included and must be sourced separately.
  • Assembling the track only requires the use of the included “T” tool.