Five Ways Geronimo Creek Has Modernized Grip Packages

  At Geronimo Creek, we are always thinking of ways we can provide our loyal clients with the best products available. That’s why we are proud to share five ways we’ve modernized grip packages so that you and your team can work more efficiently! Checkout our Grip Truck Comparison page for more info on our […]

Now renting the 1600w Joleko “Bug-A-Beam” Adapter by K5600

1600w Joleko “Bug-A-Beam”- More Output While Using Less Power The 1600w  Joleko adapter, its official name being the “Bug-A-Beam”, is the newest Joker-Leko adapters offered by K5600. This unit was designed from the ground up to accommodate the full range of ETC Leko lens tubes (5° thru 90°).  With a 4 to 1 efficiency ratio […]