1 Ton Grip Van Package

Introducing our 1 ton grip van package, which rents for only $250 per day or $750 per week.  This van package is designed to efficiently provide everything you might need for a smaller shoot or interview job.  We have been refining our 1 ton grip van design for years and can finally say we have perfected it.

We chose to build our 1 ton grip package with the Chevy Express 3500 extended cargo vans. These vehicles have proven themselves to be tough, reliable and easy to drive. This grip package is designed to in tight spaces and under parking structures (overhead height is 7.5 feet), which is a common obstacle for smaller shoots. The overall dimensions are: 8 feet wide x 20.5 feet long. For the interior measures 10 feet from the rear doors to the partition. For comfort, we insulated and sleeved the cargo area with a PVC liner to reduce noise and heat.

1-Ton Grip Van

The interior racks and shelving fit 10x c-stands, 2x hardware crates, a flag package, 2x reflectors and an 8×8 butterfly set. All of this loads into the package while leaving an open floorpan to accommodate plenty of additional equipment. The width of the aisle was built to fit carts and a 7000w Honda generator, if desired.  8ft loading ramps are available upon request. Click here to review the 1-page inventory list (PDF). 

Passenger side view. (not pictured: 2x 4×4 reflectors are included)

If you need a larger grip package we carry all sizes ranging from 1 ton vans to 5 ton trucks. For the next size up, check out our new Mercedes 2 ton Sprinters, loaded with a 2 ton grip package.  We can also deliver a “stage grip package” without the vehicle directly to your location.